EGGStamps – The smartest  way to print on your eggs.

EGG Stamps is producing by Eser Co. with a 38 years’ experince in the industry. Eser Co. is the No#1 stamps producer in Turkey and Middle East.

EGG Stamps Egg Printing/Marking systems are based on ink-jet cartridge technology resulting in a perfect print quality, they can be used to print a date on the eggs in combination  with a name or a custom code.

Our laser polymer plate production technology enables us to build custom designs in a minute. EGG Stamps products are factory made, means not customised from any existing system. By using EGG Stamps you can perfectly apply your printings on eggs very fast, smoothly and without any damage.

EggStamps Features

  • EGGStamps Set comes with a automatic stamping machine, a 50 cc egg stamping ink, a spare cartridge and apparatus to change the text plates easily.
  • EGGStamps enables to change the plates per different dates easily
  • Thousands of eggs can be marked with a cartridge. It also includes one more spare cartridge inside!
  • See the video above for get more about our powerful product!

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