Eser Co. is founded in 1978 and serving to its customers successfully since then. It has been a pure printing company until mid of 1990’s and expanded its business into stamping industry by 1995.

Eser Co. is Number 1 stamping company in Turkey based on sales and production amounts. Eser Co. is also distributors of Trodat, Sirdas and Ideal brand of stamping machines and has a Middle East office in Dubai.

In 2014 Eser Co. introduced a new product called EGGStamps to fulfil the need in Egg industry to make egg producers able to print their brands and production dates on eggs. EGGStamps is very powerful, flexible and all in one product set that solves egg producers’ all kind of printing issues.

Printing on an egg probably seems to be simple. But to print dates, beautiful logo’s and trace ability codes on a fragile egg at small and large scale farms seems quit a challenge…. The know how to achieve this challenge has been brought together within EGGStamps by Eser. Eser has its own production factory based in Turkey.

Let us show our product and service quality to you too!

EGGStamps Team

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